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Shure wireless microphones and personal monitor systems designed for use in the United States operate on standard VHF TV channels 7-13 (174-216 MHz) and UHF TV channels 14-51 (470-698 MHz). Most U.S. cities have multiple local television stations, whose operating frequencies must be taken into account before choosing a frequency band of wireless system.

As a rule, a wireless system should NOT operate properly in the same 6 MHz frequency range as a local TV station. The signal strength of a television transmission is many times stronger than that of a wireless system and will interfere with the operation of the wireless system. Use only recommended unoccupied frequencies.

Suggested frequencies for Group/Channel settings reflect a worst case scenario, assuming all TV channels within the specified search radius are active and of sufficient strength to cause interference. Additional compatible frequencies may be possible when working indoors and as the distance from the TV transmitter antenna increases. Utilizing the Automatic Frequency Scan feature found on most Shure wireless systems may also yield a larger number of clear channels.

Note: Only TV channels that interfere with the selected wireless system are listed.

For more information on how Shure wireless products operate, please see our Introduction To Wireless Systems publication.

Also available are detailed frequency compatibility charts for Shure wireless systems, which provide a cross-listing of Shure frequency codes with actual broadcast frequencies.

This program calculates a simple best group based on active and scheduled TV stations. It might be possible to use other frequencies that are not listed or to use a larger number of frequencies by combining groups or accessing Master Lists. For further assistance in the selection and compatibility of wireless frequencies and products, please contact Shure Product Support at 847-600-8440.